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      Material:Plastic Matal

      Instruction manual of Bluetooth lock SKE-341B


      l  Schematic diagram


      l  Power supply

      4 standard AAA Batteries ( 1.5V ) to put into the battery pack in correct way (Note: pay attention to the ends of “” “”)

      l  App Installation

      Operation system required: iPhone 5S+ or Android 4.5+ operation system , RAM 2G+ , Bluetooth 4.0+ version


      Search “SKGLOCK” in Apple store or Scan the QR code to install.           For Android, please scan the QR code to install.


      This icon will appear on the phone desktop after the installation is completed.


      Note: This APP is mainly developed and used based on Apple system. Users with Android mobile phones may need to test to be fine for using according to different Android mobile phones.



      l  App Matching


      Firstly, open the Bluetooth connection in your mobile phone (with “SKG LOCK” APP installed already).

      Secondly, clicking the “SKG Smart Lock” icon, and then click the “Add” to connect.

      Thirdly, input the original passsord:123456 to log into the App. You can go on to operate your lock (to lock or unlock) when App matching succeed.


      l  Operation guide

      There are 2 operation modes available. One is Manual Operation Mode (“MOM”), the other one is Automatic Operation Mode (“AOM”).


      1.MOM Mode(see the picture)

      You can easily open and close your lock by clicking the Locking and Unlocking Buttons as shown on the picture. Unlocking will be with a blue light flashing/locking will be with a red light flashing. This flashing will last 10 seconds then the lock will transit to power saving mode.

      2.AOM Mode (click Auto Unlocking Button) (see the picture)

      The lock can be unlocking automatically when the distance between your case and the mobile phone  is 5 meters (Note: The distance may be different depending on various mobile phones used).

      And can also be closed when the distance is 10 meters away (Note: The distance may be different depending on the mobile phones used) .

      The lock can be unlocked automatically again when the distance shorten to the value.


      Important: When the Bluetooth fails to connect (caused by different Android operation system or Bluetooth version used, especially Android mobile phones), you just need an easy step to solve it: Close your Bluetooth button then open it again.


      3Other function

      l  Under the MOM mode, the lock can be locked automatically after 2 seconds when you put into the 2 zipper pullers.

      l  There will be a sounding & wording notice message when your lock comes to you or leaves away from you if you choose the button “Notice”


      The original factory set password is: 123456. You can change the password to a new one. The new password is required when you change a new mobile phone or you make a new App matching later.


      l  You can easily manage different locks by naming different marks for your different locks.


      l  The SKG lock App can show the percentage of the lock power. It will remind you to replace the battery by a yellow light flash when the power is under 20%. The lock will open automatically (can not be locked, too) when the power is under 5% till you finish the new battery replacement.


      l  Trouble shooting


      Possible cause


      Fails to connect

      1Bluetooth is not open.

      2The Mobile phone and lock are beyond the valid distance.

      3App jammed.


      4The lock is being connected to others (e.g. your family member)

      5Bluetooth signal detection jammed.

      1Open the bluetooth

      2Near to connect


      3Exit the App backstage, click to enter again.

      4Close the other’s Bluetooth


      5Close the Bluetooth and restart

      Unable to lock

      1.Power is under 5%

      2.Under the Automatic Operation Mode

      1Promptly replace the battery

      2Cannot be locked by Pressing button under AOM or under AOM and in the valid Bluetooth distance.

      Unable to unlock

      1.App jammed

      1Exit the App backstage, click to enter again


      Note: This lock is without waterproof function. Please pay attention to waterproof when using.


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